Student Testimonials

“A beautiful, welcoming studio in a vibrant city. Whether a regular practitioner or not, be sure to treat yourself to a class at BYNO.” –S. Champagne (Facebook review)

“We visited this studio from our home studio in Texas. The experience was wonderful. The only downside was not being able to enjoy a second day because the studio excludes visiting student from their $39 special. $50 for two classes was a bit out of budget this time. Thanks for the hospitality and great class. Highly recommend this studio.” –T. Hagood (Facebook review)

“Such a welcoming studio! Intimidating sport but their friendly staff has made every class so enjoyable and relaxed”. –A. Ellis (Facebook review)

“When I first heard of Bikram yoga, I thought you had to be crazy to enter a hot room with your own free will. One year later, a good friend (Megha) convinced me to do a one-week pass and see if I liked it. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. I am typically hesitant to join workout classes because you never know the fitness level of the other students, and/or whether or not you will fall behind. I love that with Bikram Yoga everyone in the class is working at their own fitness level in unison. I appreciate the encouragement and instruction given by the instructors. I also appreciate the late classes in the fall. As a working mother, it gives me the flexibility to go home, feed my family, and spend time with my son– and still get a workout in for the day.” -D. Detieg